Haspeg Kenya

The primary purpose of HASPEG Organization is to empower youth ,women and children in our communities, to identify and achieve their own development initiatives and promote decision making.

The organization’s development approach is based on Participation, Youth Empowerment, Local Capacity Building/Training, Gender Equality, Advocacy, Sustainability and Accountability.

The key areas of focus are Health, Education, Gender, Water and Sanitation. The cross cutting themes across all theses 4 programme are Youth Gender and Human Rights.


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World Environment Day

5th June 2017 #WED2017
This day being a World Environment day, HASPEG was able to organize for a tree planting event in schools.
The Kenya constitution 2010 gives a lot of emphasis on environmental conservation and sustainable development. Article 42 of the constitution emphasizes on the need for environmental conservation, stating;
• Preamble which states that “We, the people of Kenya –Respectful of the environment, which is our heritage, and determined to sustain it for the benefit of future generations.”
Agroforestry and commercial tree farming, combined with protecting government-controlled forests could help the country reach its target 10 percent tree cover as compared to 6.2 percent of Kenya’s total land is currently covered with forests which has grossly undervalued its forests’ contribution to the country's GDP, putting it at 1.1% rather than the more accurate 3.6%.  Professor Wangari Maathai founded Green Belt Movement (GBM) in 1977 and had planted over 51 million trees in …

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